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December 28, 2018
Weekly Snippet

Last Week…

Was anyone watching the market? Or were you distracted with holiday preparations? Of course, we were keeping a close eye on the market, but we hope you were doing the latter. Closing out last week, Santa Claus and his rally seemed to be nowhere in sight.

So, instead of sipping eggnog and watching holiday movies, let’s say you were watching the market.  What in the world was going on?  Not only was there volatility from day to day but also throughout the day.  The Dow saw daily differences in highs and lows ranging from 142 points to 895 points – wow!

With a very volatile year already, investors were likely reacting to a multitude of events, none of which are new but remain uncertain, including:  The Fed raising interest rates, trade war concerns and the government funding stalemate.

How did this impact a diversified portfolio?  As expected, ALL equity asset classes were down from the previous week and have now entered negative territory year-to-date. Also, as expected there was a flight to ‘safety’ and we observed bonds with a positive gain from the previous week.

There are still many indications this bull still has some space to run.  Economic growth remains strong and even though the Fed is raising rates, interest rates are still relatively low.

Have a wonderful New Year!

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