Wedding Expenses

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April 6, 2018
Wedding Expenses

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The flowers are blooming and the weather is warming up; you know what that means? Wedding season is approaching once again!

Did you know that in the US the average wedding boasts a final price tag of about $25,000-$30,000. This can be a scary number if you are planning your special day, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Today we will discuss a few tips on how to minimize expenses and still have your dream wedding.

  • Ask for Wedding help Instead of Gifts

Do you have friends or family who are caterers, graphic design artists, videographers, etc.? Ask them to donate their talents in lieu of a wedding gift. If not, they may still be able to offer you a friends and family discount!

  • Consider the Location of the Ceremony

If the weather cooperates, outdoor weddings can be a beautiful and more affordable alternative to indoor venues. For example, state parks can be a great and affordable location for wedding ceremonies and/or receptions.

  • Think of your Guest List

Think about who you really want at your wedding. Is the purpose of the wedding to celebrate big or to have an intimate experience with close friends and family? Will the list be dictated by a light reception after the ceremony or a full dinner and open bar? It’s tempting to invite everyone you know, but remember as you consider the guest list to ask yourself if this person will still be in your life 5 years from now.

  • Music

Music is crucial to setting the mood for your wedding, but can be expensive. If you have any musician friends, why not ask them to gift their talents? You could also check with local universities and colleges for music groups who may charge less than mainstream groups.

  • Catering

Do you have friends or family who are good cooks? You could save a great deal on catering if you pay for the food and ask them to gift their time. Also, check nearby culinary schools for possible student opportunities.

Weddings are expensive, but think creatively. You may find more ways to save than you expected!

Have a wonderful weekend!