Wedding Expenses 2

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April 5, 2019
Wedding Expenses 2

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With Spring in full swing, Summer is not far behind and that means wedding season. With that in mind we would like to revisit ways to cut down on some of those expenses if you have a wedding to plan!

  • Wedding Date: If your wedding will take place indoors, consider having your wedding during an off season (that means the cooler months of the year for most venues). You will be amazed what a difference it can make in booking prices. Also, having your wedding on any day of the week other than Saturday (even Friday or Sunday), can make a big difference in costs.
  • Location: If possible, host your wedding in the same location as your ceremony. Some venues offer multiple rooms for such situations and may give you a deal if you use them for the entire affair. It will also save your guests the hassle of having to travel to another place.
  • Wedding Decorations: Rustic is in and you can find plenty of reasonably priced items at consignment shops. Even look through your own closet! Photos, seashells and trophies can make wonderful decorations if they fit with your theme.
  • Flowers: Do you have a friend who’s a florist who would be willing to gift their talents? Also consider flower arrangements using glasses filled with water containing only one or two flowers.  Greenery can be purchased in lieu of flowers to fill in the gaps. It is more cost effective than using all flowers and green garlands can look quite stunning on tables or doorways.
  • Invitations: Make your own! There are plenty of beautiful templates online to choose from. Or if you have a graphic designer friend, maybe ask them to design the invites for you as their gift. Try to keep your invitation a single-page as this will save on printing and shipping costs.
  • Liquor: If you plan on serving alcoholic beverages, check for venues which allow you to purchase and supply your own liquor. If not, consider limiting your selections for your guests to beer and wine and/or a special cocktail. This can be much more cost effective than offering a full open bar.
  • Cake: Keep things minimal. Adding a lot of detail to your cake will cost you, especially edible flowers! If you would like to decorate with flowers, fresh ones are the way to go. Also consider ordering a small cake for the couple cutting ceremony. You can hide a larger sheet cake in the kitchen to be cut and served to guests.
  • Honeymoon: Prepare for your honeymoon by acquiring a credit card that accrues travel rewards. You can purchase all wedding supplies and expenses with this card to gain frequent flyer miles. You may opt to put a bowl out at the reception for small donations for your trip. Also consider if it would mean more to you to take an expensive one-time trip or to save those funds so you can afford many smaller vacations in the future. There’s no wrong answer!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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