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“I don’t know if I can live on my income or not – the government won’t let me try it.” – Bob Thaves, “Frank & Ernest”

A cooperative relationship between you, your tax advisor, your attorney and your wealth advisor is critical to the success of your long range plans. A coordinated, long range plan helps assure a proper tax efficient strategy. Understanding and leading this effort with thorough communication is a priority for Carrier, Maurice & Webb.

Some of the questions these services address are:

  • Have we developed a Multiyear model as the core of our income, expense and capital gains planning?
  • Does our approach align well with our estate planning?
  • Have we taken full account of our charitable contributions, any applicable flow through rules, such as in-kind exchanges?
  • Are we taking full advantage of our business activities, passive vs non-passive income and deductions?
  • Have we fully leveraged the specialized knowledge of certified public accountants (CPA) and other tax experts to recognize and address Legislative risk?
  • Do we really have a coordinated team of professionals with a leadership in place?

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