Business Succession Planning – Creating Solutions, Delivering Results


“Create it, grow it, successfully pass it on for its impact to continue.” –Lois Carrier

As business owners, we understand the demands placed upon an owner by a business can be extreme. Starting, growing and building a successful business requires many hours of rigorous work, planning and a constant vigilant eye for every nuance of the business’s activities and health. Once a business has reached maturity the decision of what to do with the business can be extremely emotional as well as fraught with potentially life altering mistakes. Whether passing the business on to the next generation or selling to produce security for retirement, CMW partners with and guides you through the maze of financial concerns.

Some of the questions these services address are:

  • Do we have appropriate Buy/Sell agreements in place?
  • Have we explored the implication of each business entity form?
  • What sale structures of the business to third parties, employees and/or family members should be considered?
  • Do we understand how taxation of the sale of our business may impact our plan?

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