Our Financial Planning Services


As an independent, Fiduciary investment firm, we offer straight-forward, fee-only advice and asset management to grow and spend from efficiently designed portfolios for long term savers and foundations. We are a 28 year professional team with 56 years continuous experience together. As such, CMW has managed sustainable income for hundreds of retirees through three bear markets over the last three decades. With a national reach, we provide a boutique environment with a truly rare depth of experience. As you can see, we don’t have to guess; we know what we’re doing.

Your needs depend on what’s going on in your life and that is always changing. That’s why we offer ‘advisor on call’ availability for our clients. Clients don’t plan financial emergencies anymore than any other kind of emergency. Whether it’s market correction jitters or unplanned expenses for a loved one, our fiduciary advisors can be reached.


Peace of Mind