Saving on Wedding Expenses

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June 22, 2018
Saving on Wedding Expenses

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A few weeks back we discussed some ideas to help you save on wedding planning. With wedding season officially upon us, we would like to offer a few additional tips that might help you save some dough, should you be planning a wedding anytime soon!

  • Wedding Decorations:

Old fashioned and rustic looks are quite popular in weddings right now and a great place to find reasonably priced decorations that fit the bill are at consignment shops. Also consider making a Pinterest board to keep track of things and get additional ideas.

  • Flowers:

Flowers get pricy fast, and paying for such a short lived luxury can be a hard pill to swallow. Consider alternative places to find flowers other than the florist. Often grocery stores have cheaper price tags for their flowers and some can have wonderful selections. If you have a friend who is talented with flowers, why not ask them to donate their skills in lieu of a wedding gift? And if you have an outdoor wedding, you may even opt for a wildflower bouquet you can pick yourself!

  • Invitations:

If at all possible, make your own invitations. If you are planning an outdoor wedding you can get creative by using something from the wedding location such as: pressed wildflowers for a pasture wedding or small pebbles from a creek.

  • Liquor:

If you’re planning to serve alcoholic beverages, consider a venue that will allow you to purchase and supply your own liquor. When a venue supplies the alcohol, the mark up on those beverages is often quite substantial.

  • Honeymoon:

Prepare for your honeymoon by acquiring a credit card that accrues travel rewards. Then you can purchase all your wedding supplies and expenses with this card to gain frequent flyer miles. Also make sure you take time to consider whether you would like to take an expensive one-time trip vs. taking a modest honeymoon so you are better able to afford many smaller vacations in the future.

  • Wedding party attire:

Have you ever participated in a wedding where you were asked to purchase expensive dresses or shoes that you knew you would never wear again? Before asking your wedding party to make huge purchases, consider the many stores online and otherwise that can provide beautiful tailor-made dresses at a fraction of the cost.

Have a great weekend!