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Lauren Ray began with Carrier, Maurice and Webb as an executive assistant but found her niche working directly with our clients and now serves as our Client Care Specialist. If you are a CMW client, Lauren will likely be the first person you speak to when you call our office or walk in the front door. It is Lauren’s duty to schedule appointments and check in with our clients routinely to see how they are doing and make sure we are taking good care of them. In addition, her degree in graphic design enhances the firm’s presence on our web site and other social media outlets, creating and updating print and digital pieces used in educational efforts. In her previous position with the firm as the executive assistant to the President and CEO Lauren was involved in all public relations and educational outreach to our communities through speaking engagements and T.V.

Lauren grew up in Knoxville, TN but moved to Lynchburg, VA in 2004. She later graduated from Jefferson Forest High School a few years after and moved on to attended Liberty University; graduating in 2011 with a visual communications degree in Graphic Design. Upon graduation, Lauren started a small graphic design business. Previous jobs also included employment working at a summer camp, an ice skating rink and a dog grooming salon. Although these jobs were each very different they helped to confirm her desire and aspiration to work with people.

After a decade in Virginia Lauren found she missed Tennessee and relocated to Kingsport in 2014. She now lives there with her roommate Katie, her dog Theodore and Katie’s dog Hooligan. In her spare time Lauren enjoys spending time with friends and family, drawing cartoons, sewing projects and long walks in the mountains with Theo.

Some of Lauren’s Favorite Things

  1. Favorite Food? Can’t choose between Pizza and Ice Cream…
    2. Favorite Movie? Beauty and the Beast
    3. Favorite TV show? The Office
    4. Favorite Color? Purple
    5. Favorite Musical group? Relient K
    6. Favorite Video Game? Starfox 64
    7. Favorite Season? Summer
    8. Favorite Flower? Hibiscus
    9. Favorite Animal? Any type of canine
    10. Favorite Place I have lived? Knoxville, TN