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Open Enrollment

Guardianship for Children

Emotions in the Stock Market

Forecasting the Market

Dollar Cost Averaging

Retirement Tips Part 2

Retirement Tips

Fiduciary Rule – Viewer Question Part 4

Fiduciary Rule – Viewer Question Part 3

Fiduciary Rule – Viewer Question Part 2

Market Corrections

Financial Illiteracy

Fiduciary Rule Change

Fiduciary Rule Part 1

ABLE Accounts

Thoughts on the 2017 Market

401k New Rollover

Stock Market and Election

Leaving your 401k

Financial Abuse of Elders Part 3

Financial Abuse of Elders Part 2

Financial Abuse of Elders

Changes to Health Savings Accounts

Veterans Aid

In and Out of the Market

This Bull Market 8/10/16

Caution with Annuities Part 2

Caution with Annuities

Reverse Mortgages Part 3

Reverse Mortgages Part 2

Reverse Mortgages

Debt Consolidation Part 2

Debt Consolidation

Money Tips for 20 Somethings

Training the Next Generation

Before Leasing a Car

Home Equity VS Refinancing Part 2

Home Equity VS Refinancing

Women and Money Part 2

Women and Money

Financial Designations Part 2

Financial Designations

Taking Delayed Social Security Benefits

Don’t Buy at Market Highs

Social Security Changes

Retirement Assets in Divorce

Women Feeling Misunderstood by Financial Advisors

Tax Advantaged Savings to Help the Disabled

Special Needs Trusts

Changes Since Bull Market Began in 2009

Practices Generation Life and Wealth Planning

Policies Generational Life and Wealth Planning

Estate Wealth Planning

December and the Stock Market

The Importance of Diversification

Design Your Own Financial Plan

Why Start Saving As Soon As Possible?

Target Date Funds in Your 401(k) Plan

More Americans Delaying Key Life Goals and Events