Happy is as Happy Does

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June 14, 2019
Happy is as Happy Does

Image Copyright Ted Grussing Photography – Used with permission

Masterpiece Living®, an organization that promotes successful aging, has Ten Tips for Successful Aging:

  1. Use it or lose it
  2. Keep Moving
  3. Challenge Your Mind
  4. Stay Connected
  5. Lower Your Risks
  6. Never Act Your Age
  7. Wherever You Are … Be There
  8. Find Your Purpose
  9. Have Children in Your Life
  10. Laugh

You will notice that there is nothing overtly listed in these steps regarding “Have Enough Money”, maybe #5 comes close.  And in order to be comfortable enough to even try to live out these tips, we need at the very least a financial pillow to rest on.  Don’t we all want to live a long, happy, rewarding life?  The problem is that most Americans cannot afford retirement, let alone survive a life that may go beyond normal life expectancy.  In fact, research shows that 33% of Baby Boomers only have $0-$25,000 in retirement savings.

The 10 tips listed above are great resolutions to keep your mind and your spirit in top condition for the aging process, but the addition of financial planning will assure that the physical body has the adequate support to carry you through that process.

Since research has shown that humans are not particularly going to do what might be good for them, it might make sense to “stop, look and listen”.  What do you see?  What do you hear?  Do you like what you see?  Do you like what you hear?

To be your best and enjoy life, it might be a real benefit to think of yourself as a builder of your present and your future.  It’s never too late to review and make appropriate adjustments to plan for a long and happy life.  Enjoy!

Have a great weekend!

Source: Our good friend Cicily Maton, CFP® at The Planning Center