Happy Halloween

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October 25, 2019
Happy Halloween

It is widely thought that Halloween started thousands of years ago as the Celtic Festival of Samhain, celebrated November 1st.

The word Halloween comes from “All Hallows’ Eve” and means “hallowed evening”.  On the evening before November 1st, people would dress up as saints and go door-to-door.  Therefore, the connection to our modern-day costumes and trick-or-treating.

The costumed, candy-filled, family-oriented version of this holiday did not seem to appear until the 1950’s and, even though the original version was not kid-friendly, it has become a widely celebrated way to usher in the Fall season!

In fact, it’s estimated that Americans spend up to $6 billion every year during this season!  But with shows like The Walking Dead and American Horror Story pulling in millions of viewers, horror is obviously becoming a year-round business of great profit!  SCARE SELLS!

Why?  Well it is claimed that fear releases dopamine in the brain, which controls the pleasure and reward centers of the brain.  If the brain tells us that our lives are not in danger, the dopamine that is released will cause an “enjoyable” rush!  And it is thought that the rush of excitement doesn’t stop after the scare.  Dr. Glenn Sparks, Associate Head of Purdue University’s Brian Lamb School of Communication, states that there is also the “excitation transfer process” which means that the rush goes into an extended high.  How long that high lasts depends upon the individual.

Halloween is FUN and consumers demonstrate their enthusiasm for fun by opening their wallets!  The National Retail Foundation reports that over the last 20 years, Halloween has grown in popularity and is not just a night for the kids.  It is that and MORE!  Adults often view Halloween as a time to “let loose”, challenge your “scare” limit.  Haunted Houses are getting scarier and scarier – and now, houses are even offering prizes, if they can stand the shock factor!

Halloween is fun and big business!  Enjoy and Happy Halloween!