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David L. Maurice, Certified Financial Planner™ professional is a Founding Principal and Vice President of Carrier, Maurice & Webb Wealth Advisors. David leads the firm’s market research, investment policy design, professional training, and client education and review responsibilities.

He lives with his wife and partner Lois in Elizabethton, TN and their cat Samson. He is the very proud “Poppa” of two wonderful grown children; his daughter, Sarah who lives in Nashville and son, Kellen who lives in Memphis, TN.

Lois and David are charter members of the Kinder Institute of Life Planning. They have completed the Comprehensive Training for Registered Life Planners ® (RLP®)  and are authorized Presenters for the Kinder Institute of Life Planning Workshops.

Lois and David are also charter members of the Nazrudin Project,  an influential, international think tank of leading financial planners advancing the principles of holistic financial planning, emphasizing the more personal and values driven elements of financial planning decisions and processes.

Some of David’s Favorite Things

  1. What is your favorite food? Chicken – prepared just about any way.
  2. What is your favorite vacation? The Islands of St. John and Nevis in the Caribbean
  3. What is your favorite movie/TV Show? NCIS
  4. What is your favorite musical group, singer, or song? Bob Dylan, Steve Miller, Moody Blues, Ray Charles, Bella Fleck and the Flectones
  5. What is your favorite sport and/or sports team? Downhill Skiing
  6. What is your favorite season? Early Fall
  7. Favorite joke? A skeleton walks into a saloon in the desert and asks for a “scotch and a mop.”
  8. Favorite quote? God answering Moses what he should say when the Israelites ask him who sent him: “Tell them I am sent you”
  9. Favorite place that you have lived? Wherever my bed is.
  10. I can’t live without my…Own bed to sleep in.
  • BS Milligan College
  • MDiv. Emmanuel School of Religion
  • Certified Financial Planner™
  • Financial Planning Association’s Frontiers Award Selections Committee 2009
  • Published in Journal of Financial Planning
  • Quoted in Investment Advisor magazine and other professional publications
  • Named “One of the Nation’s Top Financial Planners” annually since 2006 by The Consumer Research Council of America
  • Co-host with CMW partner Lois Carrier of the financial educational radio show “Minding your Money”

“Discover what you most love doing, then direct it to the good of others. This is what brings me the deepest satisfaction.”

Before entering the wealth management field I worked for several years in children services as director of a private, not-for-profit emergency shelter. Those children who came from across the state of Tennessee literally had nowhere else to go and needed to feel loved and wanted. While I focused most of my time on fundraising for the construction of a new facility, I learned some very important lessons from those vulnerable children. One was that we don’t choose the lives we’re born into. I try to remember those kids when I’m faced with what seems to me like a difficult situation or person. It gives me a larger perspective.

When I entered the financial planning field my goals were tempered by these earlier experiences and I wanted to serve people meaningfully. I quickly discovered how much personal impact the financial planning process could have on the lives of my clients.

I will never forget the first time I was honored to lead a family through the full planning process over 20 years ago - my colleagues at the time couldn’t peel me from the ceiling for a week. It fueled a personal and professional passion I’ve never lost. Those clients - now close friends, are still with us and just last year entered retirement. The satisfaction of that circle fulfilled has no words to express.

Another early experience marking my career began as I found myself presenting a weekly radio program promoting the national awareness campaign of the CFP® community to ‘defeat personal financial illiteracy.’ I had zero experience for such an undertaking so, at the suggestion of my mentor I called a Certified Financial Planner™ in Denver, Colorado who had been doing a weekly program for years. To my surprise this ‘larger than life’ figure to me, Dick Wagner, not only took the time to talk with me but to tutor me in the early days. We became fast friends. Anyone who knows Dick knows of his commitment to helping others grow in this profession.

I’ll never forget our first meeting among a small group of leading CFP® professionals. I was nervous because I had not yet completed my certification and felt pretentious. When I expressed my discomfort privately to my friend, Dick, he insisted I was not only welcome among them but that I should contribute my ideas like anyone else and ‘act like a CFP®’. Everyone knew my status and eagerly encouraged my participation.

Dick may never know the impact that had on me and how much it shaped my sense of belonging to a great professional community. The debt to him and that community of peers remains my professional compass. I’ve always been proud of that culture of my peers and of being a part of a thriving professional community that continues to do so much good for the public and their clients.