Our History

Over twenty years ago two young financial professionals saw great potential in the other’s unique gifts for a highly successful business. One was very new to the financial services field, the other several years ahead. So David Maurice began to draw on the mentorship and guidance of Lois Carrier. The match was excellent. And that was the beginning of Carrier & Maurice Investment Advisors.

David had a great passion for financial planning from the moment he realized the impact of planning process in the lives of his first clients. Lois had already learned that financial planning was much more than window dressing for brokers selling investment products. She was well on her way to obtaining her Certified Financial Planner® professional designation. David soon followed suit by enrolling in the rigorous educational program that lead to his designation as well.

While their early practice began in the brokerage industry the two quickly realized that clients were not at the center of that business model. They were keenly aware of the manifold conflicts of interest that the demands of ‘production’ placed on them and between them and their clients. In time these conflicts would be seen as the hallmarks of the modern day Brokerage, Insurance and Banking business models.

Through the following decade, they (along with two other planners) built one of the largest fee based financial advisory firms in the region. After a period of high success demonstrated in both having received the highly prestigious Dalbar Financial Professional Seal award, Lois and David saw once again the opportunity to further enhance client relationships by entering a professional environment demanding an even higher ethical standard of client care. See Lou the Butcher

About the same time a young Banker named Harrell Webb was coming to the same conclusions about his field of service. After fifteen successful years he decided to make the change to the Investment business. While working for a brokerage firm and hoping to better serve the financial needs of his clients he quickly discovered the same conflicts existed there. At this point he met Lois and David and found mentors with the same passion for client service as his own.

This was the start of Carrier, Maurice & Webb Wealth Advisors – A firm dedicated to a service model held accountable to the fiduciary duty that should, but frequently does not exist between advisors and their clients. A firm where the client’s needs and interest comes before that of the business.

Today Lois, David and Harrell round out each other’s unique professional gifts and personalities. They draw from a shared set of principles, personal values, and possessing a comprehensive breadth and depth of industry knowledge, they deliver truly independent and highly sophisticated investment advisory and wealth management services.